Tom Yum Thai – Cary, NC Review

Tom Yum Thai on UrbanspoonA few nights ago, I found myself craving some Thai food. I have visited a number of Thai restaurants in the area, including Thai’s Noodle in Morrisville, Thai Cafe in Durham, and the two Sawasdee Thai restaurants in Raleigh. Tonight, a quick perusal of Groupon NOW lead me to try Tom Yum Thai in Cary.

I saw Tom Yum Thai within a few days of moving here, finding it entertaining that my name is part of the The specials sign at Tom Yum Thai in Cary, NCrestaurant’s name. Of course, “Tom” does not signify the english shorthand name for Thomas, but instead translates to “boiled.” Boiled Yum Thai, you say? Hmm, very interesting indeed.

I arrived at the restaurant with my groupon NOW just before it expired at 7PM. The gentleman behind the counter was nice enoguh to process it before I even sat down so that it could be used. I ordered A Thai Iced Coffee, Tom Kha soup (without mushrooms), and Pad Thai. I was VERY impressed with the delicious flavor of the soup, but then again, who doesn’t love Tom Kha soup?!

Thai iced coffee at Tom Yum Thai in Cary, NCThe Thai Iced Coffee could have used a bit more cream for my taste. Had I asked for it, I probably would have liked it more. I was expecting it to be sweet and creamy like the Thai iced coffee I’ve had from Thai Garden in Keene, NH, but it was not. I also found it interesting that the coffee arrived unmixed. The cream was on top, and as I stirred it in, the cream ribboned through the iced coffee in a very beautiful way. Do not confuse this with “the cream was curdled,” as it was DEFINITELY fresh.

The Pad Thai was tasty, but I found the presentation a bit unusual. It had a burnt orange or light brown color which I was not expecting. Upon closer inspection, it seeemd that this was due to the spices they used. I thought it was odd, too, that the noodles and chicken were on my plate almost as if “plopped” onto my plate straight from the pan and still congealed. The peanuts were on the side instead of mixed in, which I found odd as well. Like any other country, it’s likely that food from Thailand is not the same from region to region and this could have explained the differences.

Pad Thai at Tom Yum Thai in Cary, NCOverall I was incredibly satisfied with my meal. They state on their menus and website that this is “the best Thai food outside Thailand.” While I would have to say that I prefer Thai Garden in Keene, NH, this food was delicious and filling. I didn’t leave hungry and still had plenty left over for a delicious cold snack later that night. When the check arrived, they included a few (green tea?) mints that were very tasty! I hope to figure out what they are called and where to get them so I can order some. Yes, they were that delicious!

CONCLUSION: If you love Thai food and are in the Cary area, I strongly recommend you give Tom Yum Thai a try!

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