It’s a Grind – Cary, NC Review

Today, I’ll review It’s a Grind Coffee House which is located at 2000 Boulderstone Way in Cary, NC. I have lived in North Carolina for nearly two years, and my visit today was only my second since moving here. It’s not because I don’t like the coffee, but because I either make coffee at home or visit Dunkin’ Donuts. Though Dunkin’ Donuts is TERRIBLE down here in North Carolina, I’m from New Hampshire, and that’s just how it is. I grew up on their coffee, and even worked at a variety of Dunkin’ Donuts growing up.

It's a Grind Coffee House on UrbanspoonLocated Just off of High House Road, It’s a Grind has a very comfortable and very modern interior. Beautiful wooden tables and cozy leather chairs adorn the coffee shop, and the incredible high ceiling makes it feel open and spacious. With more seating than most Starbucks I have been to, and the seats are far more comfortable. With free WiFi, this is a good place to meet friends or discuss business with laptop, tablet, or cell phone in hand.

It’s a Grind offers STRONG coffee. When I first visited with my mom, she commented on how hair would start growing in places it shouldn’t as she drank her beverage. This differs greatly from Dunkin’ Donuts, of course, where the coffee has a far more mild flavor. On my visit with my mom, I Purchased a blended iced coffee, and did the same on my visit today as well. When I say blended iced coffee, think Starbucks Frappachino, but better.

The featured drink seemed to be the Hawaiian Sea Salt Caramel blended latte, but I optedBlended Caramel Mocha coffee From It's a Grind for a blended caramel mocha coffee instead. At $6.25, I found the price to be a bit high but not unreasonable. I do not recall the price of a medium, which I believe was 24 ounces, but I would expect it to be at or around the price of a Venti (24 ounce) Frappachino from Starbucks at around $5.25. I did have a 50% off coupon, and though the shop has reopened with new owners in March who did not initiate the promotion, they gladly accepted my coupon. I did not encounter a single chunk of ice in my blended coffee, unlike my experience with Starbucks where I have been disappointed to find chunks of ice many times. I could clearly taste the coffee, caramel, and mocha flavors as I sucked the smooth beverage through my straw. The coffee was, in my opinion, both stronger and tastier than Starbucks.

Like many other coffee shops, It’s a Grind also features desserts as well as sandwiches. I did not take particular notice to what kinds of desserts and sandwiches were offered, but I remember seeing that sandwiches were in the $3 to $4 range. This is on par with establishments like Brugger’s Bagels, and I would expect that the product would be similarly delicious as well.

You may recognize It’s a Grind from Showtime’s hit show show Weeds. Through the first and much of the second season, the beautiful Nancy Botwin was rarely seen without an latte in hand. You may also recall that the coffee shop was featured in the opening introduction for the show through the first season. It’s a Grind is based in Irvine California, which helps to explain their ‘California prices.’ I checked their website for locations, but it appears to be in the process of renovation. According to MapMuse, they appear to have 88 locations spread sparsely across the United States.

CONCLUSION: If you’re looking for a lovely atmosphere, delicious coffee, and a variety of desserts and sandwiches, give It’s a Grind a try. With more flavors to choose from, you may, like me, even find it to be better than Starbucks.

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